lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

Popular Scholastic Race

Once again a race of the IMD, Municipal Institute of Sport. With a good organization but with the usual problems at the start line. It is necessary to say that it is a free event, or rather, that we paid with our taxes.  

Us usual, the same, the really good runners won again. Under a more and more intense heat, the rest of us did what we could.  It is certain that my training week before had been of load and on Sunday I could not wait too much of my performance although I consider the setback important. 

What can I do? As goal for the end of the season I fixed “The night run of Dos Hermanas” in whom I assume to improve my personal best in a 10 km run. We´ll hope that it’s going to happen ? ? ? ? 

There was a good atmosphere and I’m glad to see again nice people, besides to coincide with friends of Facebook.  

Next the race planned was the “Carrera Puerta de La Salud” and the “Benéfica contra la Fibrosis Quística”, foreseeably I will not be able to run although I’ve just enrolled.

Good luck to EVERYBODY!

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